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The founder and principle tour guide of Muddy York Walking Tours, is pictured above exploring the Gibraltar Point Lighthouse - the oldest building in the city of Toronto. Spend a few hours with Muddy York Walking Tours and let us unveil the secrets of Toronto to you.

Muddy York Walking Tours can be your single stop for exploring Toronto. Pick out a tour theme, and if you wish to expand your visit, let us suggest some other museums and attractions that you can visit. Go to the "Our Tours" page and read about our building partners and other information for educational groups. We also offer gift certificates and special discount passes for visitors who plan to attend more than one tour. Contact us to find out more information.

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    The Haunted Streets of Downtown Toronto
    The Ghosts of the University of Toronto
    Toronto History : the 19th Century
    Bloody York : Crime and Punishment
    Toronto's Rebel March
    Royal Toronto
    Toronto History : the 20th Century
    Historic Cemetery Walk
    Toronto's Lost Rivers
    The History of Downtown Street Names
    Victorian Toronto
    The History of Midtown Street Names
    Cinema and Scandal
    Remembrance Tour
    Neighbourhood Tours
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