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UPDATE – July 19th , 2021

Muddy York Walking Tours is pleased to announce that we are once able to offer in-person tours.

We’ve set up a couple of set dates and times for certain in-person walking tours. Please see below for select tours, dates and times.

Each tour lasts between 90 minutes and 2-hours, and price ranges from $15 to $20 per person.
Prices will be set closer to the date, and are based on the total number of people attending. As numbers are limited, pre-registration and pre-payment is essential for all tours.

However, if you have had a difficult year, and would like to join us anyway, please let me know.
Your request will be met with understanding and discretion.

Please note the following health guidelines.

  • All tours will be restricted to a maximum of 20 people, plus a guide.
    We will be socially distanced on the tour as much as possible.
  • However, in circumstances where we have to stand closer together, please observe facemask policies.
  • Tours are planned to be entirely outdoors, however, please have a face mask with you, just in case.
  • If you’re sick on the day of the tour – stay home! You will be issued a full refund for any prepaid tours.

Please email or telephone (416) 487-9017 with any questions or to make reservations.

Gangsters & Gallows Tour
Who said Toronto history is boring? This tour will highlight some of the most curious characters and compelling cases to ever appear in a Toronto courtroom. Stories include:
… the shocking murder of a member of Toronto’s renowned Massey Family
… the Parkdale Mystery, a story that wove together murder and gender identity in 1890s Toronto
… and, tales of the Boyd Gang, the most notorious gang of bank robbers in Canadian history
This tour will also discuss the history of execution in Canada. Professional, court-mandated murder did not always run smoothly, as witnessed by the fact that Canada’s last execution, in 1962, went horribly, violently wrong.
This tour is conducted entirely outdoors and lasts about 2 hours.
Sunday, August 8th , 7:00 p.m.

Old Town Toronto Tour
Toronto does not have a perfect history. This tour includes tales of murder, epidemic, invasion, revolution and disaster. We will also discuss more difficult issues, like Indigenous relations inToronto, and the “Toronto Purchase” of 1787. This tour covers life and landmarks in early Toronto, from the 1790s through a lot of the 1800s.
This tour is conducted entirely outdoors and lasts up to about 2 hours.
Saturday, August 14th , 11:00 a.m.
Saturday, August 28th , 11:00 a.m.

Distillery & Corktown Tour
Uncover the history behind Toronto’s oldest surviving industrial complex. Today, the Distillery District is home to trendy shops and chic restaurants. But for most of its history, it was a gritty industrial neighbourhood that no one visited unless they had to. We will also spend part of our time uncovering the fascinating history in the local neighbourhood immediately adjacent to the Distillery District.
Sunday, August 15th , 11:00 a.m.

Mount Pleasant Cemetery Tour
Mount Pleasant Cemetery is one of Toronto’s oldest resting places and his home to many historic characters. The names inscribed on some of the gravesites we will visit read like a “who’s who” of Canadian history. These include Massey, Eaton, Simpson and McMaster, just to name a few. This tour is conducted entirely outdoors and lasts between 90 minutes and 2 hours.
Sunday, August 1st , 11 o’clock a.m.
Sunday, August 22nd , 11 o’clock a.m.


You can browse a full list on the left. Alternately, here is a list of our Top Seven most popular tours:


Our “HAUNTED STREETS OF DOWNTOWN TORONTO” tour will introduce you to some of the spooky tales of Toronto’s downtown core, while the GHOSTS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO” tour is a ghoulish stroll past the tree-lined paths and old brick buildings of the central campus.

Ghost Tours are offered all year with special times added near Halloween.


Our original “CRIME & PUNISHMENT” tour visits the Old Town area and highlights the treatment of local convicts through the 1790’s and the 1800’s.

Our “TORONTO NOIR: GANGSTERS & GALLOWS TOUR” picks up where the other tour leaves off. You’ll hear about some of the most infamous antics of the Boyd Gang – the most famous band of bank robbers in Canadian history – but there are plenty of other stories, too.


Our “19th CENTURY HISTORY TOUR” will walk you through Toronto’s first 100 years, from colonial town to Victorian city. This tour covers Toronto’s Old Town & St. Lawrence Market District.

Our “20th CENTURY HISTORY TOUR” explores some of Toronto’s landmarks from the 1900’s, and the stories behind them. Stops include the King Edward and Royal York hotels, the Financial District and our Old & New City Halls.


Prepare to be scandalized! For generations, our city was dubbed “Toronto the Good”. But there was stimulation and temptation if you knew where to look. This tour will give you 200 years of entertainment history, from the site of Toronto’s first live stage theatre, through vaudeville, silent movies, “talkies” and burlesque. But you’ll also learn about Toronto at its most scandalous. If you think that Yonge Street is gritty now, you have no idea … prepare to be shocked!

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