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You can browse a full list on the left. Alternately, here is a list of our Top Seven most popular tours:


Our “HAUNTED STREETS OF DOWNTOWN TORONTO” tour will introduce you to some of the spooky tales of Toronto’s downtown core, while the GHOSTS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO” tour is a ghoulish stroll past the tree-lined paths and old brick buildings of the central campus.

Ghost Tours are offered all year with special times added near Halloween.


Our original “CRIME & PUNISHMENT” tour visits the Old Town area and highlights the treatment of local convicts through the 1790’s and the 1800’s.

Our “TORONTO NOIR: GANGSTERS & GALLOWS TOUR” picks up where the other tour leaves off. You’ll hear about some of the most infamous antics of the Boyd Gang – the most famous band of bank robbers in Canadian history – but there are plenty of other stories, too.


Our “19th CENTURY HISTORY TOUR” will walk you through Toronto’s first 100 years, from colonial town to Victorian city. This tour covers Toronto’s Old Town & St. Lawrence Market District.

Our “20th CENTURY HISTORY TOUR” explores some of Toronto’s landmarks from the 1900’s, and the stories behind them. Stops include the King Edward and Royal York hotels, the Financial District and our Old & New City Halls.


Prepare to be scandalized! For generations, our city was dubbed “Toronto the Good”. But there was stimulation and temptation if you knew where to look. This tour will give you 200 years of entertainment history, from the site of Toronto’s first live stage theatre, through vaudeville, silent movies, “talkies” and burlesque. But you’ll also learn about Toronto at its most scandalous. If you think that Yonge Street is gritty now, you have no idea … prepare to be shocked!

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