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Hallowe’en 2020 with Muddy York Walking Tours



Hallowe’en 2020

Muddy York Walking Tours

Hallowe’en 2020 will be different than any other Hallowe’en than most of us remember.

Muddy York Walking Tours has two different options for you.

For those of you who still want to attend a ghostly tour, we have a special “Ghosts, Grief & Cadavers” tour for you. This is an outdoor, in-person tour that will be restricted to a maximum of 10 people per tour, and will only be offered in a safe environment.

For those of you who prefer to stay indoors, we are offering two different Hallowe’en themed presentations. This will be offered through “Zoom”. Please see the calendar below as well as
further information on each event.

Please see below or contact or (416) 487-9017 for more information.

“Ghosts, Grief & Cadavers” Tour

Outdoor Tour – Approximately 90 minutes to 2 hours

Cost $15 per person

This is a rejuvenated version of our much loved “Ghosts of the University of Toronto” tour. If you’ve never attended this tour before, we’re dead sure you’ll enjoy getting away from the crowded city streets to wander around the central University of Toronto campus.

If you have been on this tour before, you’ll hear all your favourite ghost stories, but you’ll also experience brand new content.

How did people in Toronto deal with death, dying and the dead in years gone by? Where did they bury their dead, and how did they mourn them? We’ll talk about strange premonitions and eerie lamentations, with a little body snatching thrown in for good measure.

By the end of the tour, we’re sure you’ll agree that the funereal traditions of yore were every bit as creepy as the ghost stories you’ll hear.

If there are no changes to rules for social gatherings, tours will be capped at 10 people. Pre-registration and pre-payment of $15 is required in all cases without exception.

Email to book date and arrange payment, or call (416) 487-9017 for more information.

Private group tours are available by request.

 “Spirit Photography” Presentation

Online Presentation from the comfort of your own home

Approximately 45 minutes

Cost Pay-What-You-Can (standard donation about $10 per participant)

Almost as soon as people started taking photographs more than 150 years ago, photographers tried using this new technology to try to capture the spirits of the dead. Some of these Spirit Photographers were true believers, and others were frauds.

We’ll begin by revisiting some of the pioneers of Spirit Photography, and investigating whether or not they were genuine or fraudulent. The second half of our presentation will look into some of the most notorious ghost photographs ever taken. Whether you believe in Spirit Photography or not, many of these pictures are evocative and just plain creepy.

Email or call (416) 487-9017 for more information.

“A Grave Affair” Presentation

A History of Mourning & Burial Traditions

Online Presentation from the comfort of your own home

Approximately 45 minutes

Cost Pay-What-You-Can (standard donation about $10 per participant)

The presentation explores the ways in which people have historically  dealt with the dead, both physically and emotionally. Those of us who live in the 21st-century have removed death almost completely from our 21st century lives. But in the Victorian Era, death was an immersive experience that started as a loved one lay dying, through their demise, until they were lowered into the grave.

But in many cases, the mourning didn’t end there. There was a very real necessity to make sure that the graves of the dead stayed safe after burial. Harvesting the bodies of the dead was a lucrative business.

The presentation also explores some of Toronto’s most historic cemeteries, and explains the history behind tombstone symbolism. We end with one of the creepiest final requests in Toronto history…

Email or call (416) 487-9017 for more information.


Booking a Tour – $15 per person

Tours must be reserved in advance by emailing or by telephoning (416) 487-9017 for more information. Payment is in advance only, with no exceptions.

Payment is accepted by Interac e-mail transfer. Please contact us if you need to discuss other options.

We will collect the name, email address and telephone number of the person who has paid. These records are deleted after the tour. Interac DOES NOT disclose your private banking information to any recipient to whom you send payment.

In the event that we have to cancel a tour because of changes in public health policies, or if things just seem unsafe, you will receive a FULL REFUND.

If one of your party becomes ill after you’ve registered and paid, PLEASE STAY HOME. We will offer you a FULL REFUND if you notify us within 24 hours of the tour.

If you have to cancel for reasons other than anything health related, we do not offer refunds. Refunds will not be offered to latecomers and “no shows”.

Booking a Presentation


We will be accepting donations for our online talks. The average donation is about $10 per person, or household who tune in over the same device. But what you choose to contribute is completely up to you. If anyone has had limited income over the past six months, they should not feel obliged to make a donation. Naturally, if you want to
donate more than the average amount, we will not say “no”!

Please contact to reserve a space for one of our online talks. Donations can be made following the tour using Interac email transfer.

No one wants to miss out on Hallowe’en, but your safety is the most important factor in our autumnal observations.

Masks are not officially required as long as all tour participants can stay an appropriate distance apart. However, you are welcomed to get creative and incorporate a face covering into any Hallowe’en costuming that you might choose to wear. Please remember that we will be walking for as much as two hours on each tour, so dress appropriately for exercise and or weather.

Guides will wear a mask at all times.

In order to maintain physical distancing, all payments must be made in advance and online.
Please provide a full name, email address and telephone number when reserving.

In the event that we have to cancel a tour based on changes to public health guidelines, you will receive a full refund.

Email or call (416) 487-9017 for more information.

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