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Hallowe’en 2019 with Muddy York Walking Tours

Hallowe’en 2019

It’s that time of the year again! Nights are getting longer, there’s bulk candy for sale in every store, and everybody’s got their sights set on getting in as many thrills and chills as possible over the next four weeks.

This year, Muddy York Walking Tours will be featuring the tested and true tour options for Hallowe’en, but will also be participating in something different.

 We only have three dates left for our

“Ghosts of the University of Toronto Tour”.

This is our most “classic” ghost tour. Escape the garish lights and loud noises of downtown Toronto, and step into an historic setting that is a world apart, even though it’s right in the middle of the city. This tour involves some of the most well-known ghost stories in Toronto, including a murderous tale of love-gone-wrong at University College, and some of the ghoulish (historical) happenings at Ontario’s parliament buildings. It also features one of the most memorable stories on any of our tours, about a young girl lost forever in the old Planetarium building. On Hallowe’en night, we’ll be paying tribute to the ghost of this little girl, as we do every year, since she’s become one of the best-loved characters on any of our tours.

But Hallowe’en 2019 will also be the second year that I’ve been able to be involved in

“Haunted High Park”.

This special Hallowe’en event is hosted by Colborne Lodge museum.  Haunted High Park combines a theatrical séance with a candlelit tour of a 19th-century home in mourning.  Come and immerse yourself in funereal customs from the Victorian Era, as you learn about how death and dying were commemorated in the second half of the 1800s.

Then, you’ll hear some more of Toronto’s most infamous (and creepy) ghost stories, as we continue to explore Colborne Lodge by candlelight.

I’ve been doing some tours, like “The Ghosts of the University of Toronto” for years, but I am thrilled to have the chance to participate in some different material, that actually allows guests to explore some of Toronto’s spookiest ghost stories from the inside of where they are said to have taken place.

For more information, including dates, times and how to register for these two programmes, please see the following information.



Saturday October 12th (Thanksgiving Weekend) 8:00 o’clock

Friday, October 25th 8:00 o’clock

Thursday, October 31st 7:30 o’clock

DURATION Approximately 90 minutes

COST $15 per person

TO RESERVE – please email or phone (416) 487 9017


For more information on Haunted High Park, including a description of the event, available dates and times, a link to purchase tickets, please click here…

Please note that all tickets for Haunted High Park must be purchased through the above link.

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